9000 BTU Midea Premier Single Zone Hyper Heat Pump SEER 24.7 MCHSU-09PHH2 MEHSU-09PHH2


Brand: Midea

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Product Details
Product Features:
  • Chassis Heating Belt
  • Follow Me - Temperature sensor built in the remote controller will sense its surrounding temperature. So the unit can adjust room temperature more accurately to give you more comfort.
  • Auto Restart Function
  • Turbo Mode - This function gives you a boost in cooling or heating power for a period, and makes the room cool down or heat up rapidly.
  • Auto Swing - Distributes warm/cold air to maximum area by moving horizontal flaps automatically.
  • Timer
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detection - Indoor unit will show code "EC" and stop automatically when refrigerant leakage is detected. This function can better protect the compressor from being damaged by high temperatures due to refrigerant leakage.
  • Low Ambient Cooling - With built-in low ambient kit or special designed PCB, outdoor fan speeds can be changed automatically according to condensation temperature. The air conditioner can run cooling operation even when the outdoor ambient temperature is down to -15°C.
  • Golden Fin - Effectively prevent bacteria from breeding and improve heat transfer efficiently. The unique anti-corrosive golden coating on the condenser can withstand salty air, rain, and other corrosive elements.
  • Self-Diagnosis and Auto-Protection - Once abnormal operation or parts failure happen, the unit will shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.
  • 2-Way Draining Connection
Performance for Indoor (MEHSU-09PHH2) & Outdoor (MCHSU-09PHH2) Units Combined
  • Nominal Cooling BTU/H: 9000 (3500-13000)
  • Nominal Heating BTU/H: 13000 (4500-14500)
  • SEER BTU / KW: 24.7
  • HSPF BTU / KW: 10.5
  • EER Cooling BTU / KW: 14
  • Cooling Operating Range F ° Degrees: -22-122
  • Heating Operating Range F ° Degrees: -22-86
  • Voltage / Phase / Frequency: 208-230/1/60
  • Recommended In / Out Cable: 16 AWG/4 Stranded, Unshielded
  • Minimum Circuit Ampacity Amps: 9
  • Locked Rotor Running (Cool / Heat) Amps: 2.8 / 4.8
  • Recommended Fuse Size Amps: 15
  • Air Circulation Hi / Med / Low CFM: 294/253/159
  • Indoor Noise Level Hi / Low DBA: 40/27
  • Outdoor Noise Level Cooling DBA: 57
  • Outdoor Noise Level Heating DBA: 57
  • Air Direction Horizontal Deg Angle: Automatic
  • Air Filter Type: Washable
  • Connection: Flare
  • Combined Maximum Length Feet: 82
  • Maximum Vertical Differential Feet: 33
  • Connection Pipe Size Suction Inches: 3/8
  • Connection Pipe Size Discharge Inches: 1/4
Physical Dimensions
  • Net Weight (Indoor / Outdoor) LBS: 18.3/87
  • Height Condensing Unit Inches: 21.81
  • Depth Condensing Unit Inches: 13.11
  • Width Condensing Unit Inches: 31.5
  • Height Evaporator Inches: 11.81
  • Depth Evaporator Inches: 7.87
  • Width Evaporator Inches: 31.89
  • Refrigerant Oz: R410A/39.5
  • Refrigerant piping - Liquid side / Gas side MM/Inch: 6.35 / 9.52 (1/4 / 3/8)
Warranty Information
  • 7 Year Warranty on Compressor
  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Outdoor Condensing Unit (MCHSU-09PHH2)
  • 1 - Indoor Evaporator Unit (MEHSU-09PHH2)
  • 1 - Remote Controller

Failure to have this unit professionally installed will void the warranty. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Improper installation of this unit will result in injury or death. This is an electrical appliance which can cause great harm to you or your family if installed improperly. We make no claims regarding local building codes or approvals.