Seer 17.5 3 TON Heat Pump Ecotemp with Mitsubishi Compressor - Inverter Technology

Item#: WCH824364MKA1 WATPM364A1

Brand: Hvac Technician

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Product Details


  • 5 year parts limited warranty
  • (With timely registration, an additional 5 year parts limited warranty
  • For owner occupied, residential applications only. See warranty certificate for complete details and restrictions, including warranty coverage for other applications. 

    Supremely Efficient
    Variable-speed technology maintains consistent comfort levels, regardless of outdoor conditions, by using more energy when it is required and less energy when it is not. By fluctuating operating speeds rather that running at a constant level, the Monarch Series heat pump saves energy by maximizing lower speed operation while maintaining consistent temperature inside your home. With 18 SEER capability, you could save hundreds of dollars per year on your energy bills.

    Intelligent Control
    The Monarch Series heat pump instinctually adjusts the output capacity, allowing indoor temperature to remain at the desired setting without fluctuation. Evaporating temperature control manages humidity in the indoor air, providing greater comfort and improving air quality. The Monarch Series heat pump features a high dehumidification setting that keeps indoor air dry, even in high humidity regions.

    Remarkably Quiet
    The Monarch Series heat pump uses Silent Technology to deliver sound level as low as 56dB, up to 50% less noise than a standard home comfort system. Special silent blade technology provides vortex suppression to reduce the sound of airflow exiting the unit, maintaining low noise levels even in high speed operation. Insulated compressor compartments minimize operating noise with innovative, industry-leading materials and sound-isolating compressor mounts.

    Utmost Affordability
    The Monarch Series heat pump by EcoTemp was designed with affordable comfort in mind. Now every family can afford a luxury home comfort system regardless of budget.